What is the RGL.gg $2,000 Solo Draft Prolander Cup?

It's an experimental two-three day tournament where you sign up by yourself. Captains will be selected and they will go through a draft process choosing their team.

How much does it cost to enter?

You can register now and pay later. The entry fee to get into cup is $20.

What if I don't get picked?

If you didn't get picked, your entry fee will be refunded in full.

How many teams?

Depends on the number of signups. We expect 6 teams at the minimum and would cut it off at 10 teams.

What are the payouts?

1st: $1,000
2nd: $560
3rd: $440

These are tenatively the payouts. We might adjust them slightly as the tournament forms together and based on the number of entries.

When is the tournament?

Group Stage: Monday August 27th
Group Stage: Tuesday August 28th
Playoffs: Monday Sept 6th

What skill levels can play in the Solo Draft Prolander Cup?

This is a tournament aimed at expereiced competitive players.
Suggested minimum skill level:
  • RGL: RGL-Div 1 or RGL-Invite
  • UGC: UGC Silver or UGC Platinum
  • ESEA: Top Open or IM/I

When is it?

August 27th: Starts @ 8pm Eastern
August 28th: Starts @ 8pm Eastern
Sept 6th: Starts @ 8pm Eastern

How do I register?

Click the registration button below and follow the instructions.

What is Prolander?

Prolander is a 7v7 TF2 format where you only can have one of each class -- meaning that at any given time you'll see a majority of TF2 classes actually being played! This also means you'll have to constantly be thinking about what classes are best in that moment, to help your team or counter theirs.

  • Is the enemy spy having a great game?   Switch to pyro to help shut them down.
  • Is their sniper locking down an area?   Go spy to try and put some pressure onto them.
  • Need to extra defense for the final point?   Run an engineer and heavy to have that extra firepower.

Overall it plays like a faster paced,dynamic and more competitive version of a casual match.

Other Frequently Ask Questions

How do we get server info?

All team leaders should be setup in our RGL discord, we will distribute server info to the captains through discord the day of.

What maps are we playing?

Payload (PL)
  • pl_badwater_pro_v12
  • pl_upward
  • pl_borneo
  • pl_swiftwater
King of the hill (KOTH)
  • koth_product_rc8
  • koth_ashville_rc1
  • koth_coalplant_b8
  • koth_cascade
We are open to suggestions of other maps to play. Please contact us on our public discord to suggest ideas.

What weapons are allowed?

Here is the whitelist we'll use. All weapons are allowed except for: Soda Popper, Crit-a-Cola, Fists of Steel, Short Circuit, Machina, Razorback, Diamondback, Red-Tape Recorder, Dead Ringer, Jarate.

How do I get my prizes?

We will payout your share of the money directly to your paypal account within 2 months of the matches.

I have an issue! I need help!!

You can contact us on our RGL discord.